Photoshoot with Host, Singer, Radio Personality, Editior and Dancer Vashtie Doorga!

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    Photoshoot with Host, Singer, Radio Personality, Editior and Dancer Vashtie Doorga!

    On March 28 and April 2 2013 we were blessed with the opportunity of working with an inspirational woman from the West Indian Community –  Vashtie Doorga. Vashtie is lady who touches the heart of everyone, everywhere she goes and she is one of the most inspiration women we know. Vashiie has such elegance in the way she carries herself, and she is a very creative individual. Her actions teach us that our dreams can become a reality, if we work hard enough. Despite how successful she has become she is still one of the most genuine and sincerer people we know.



    Here is a small list of some of the things this amazing woman has accomplished:


    Guardian Media Limited

    • CNC 3 – Main Anchor for Chutney Soca Monarch 2013 with Daren Ganga

    • Host of “Hamare Parampara” Mini series on “Our Traditions”

    • Producer – for television programs

    • Guardian Newspaper – Freelance writer – Special Features on Living Legends of Chutney & CSM Finalists

    • Trinidad Broadcasting Company Radio Network: Sangeet 106.1 FM Radio Announcer

    - “Salaam Namaste” 9-12am Monday –Friday

    - “Shuga in D Morning” 6-10am Saturday mornings for the Countdown

    Not only is she a successful business women but she is also a mother, teaching us that Vashtie is the complete package beauty and brains. This photoshoot was one of the easiest ones we have done to date because Vashtie made our job so easy!!! She is naturally beautiful so everything came together very well and without much effort, even when the photographer (Studio Fobo) started shooting he noticed that her skin was flawless without any airbrushing, her features were perfectly symmetrical and she is very photogenic.

    On March 28 2013 and April 2 2013, we did a two day photo-shoot with Vashtie Doorga. The photo shoot was going to be used for all her upcoming events and the launch of her new website.

    We did a total of 4 different concept with Vashtie and the themes where: Buisness Women, Bollywood Actress, Sexy DJ Kim K inspired and Raw DJ Rihanna Inspired. Vashtie is the only person that we have worked with that was successful at pulling off all four looks! Not only did she pull them off visually, she became the character giving her amazing confidence for camera we believe she pulled it off so well because of her extensive background in entertainment industry. She was able to get into character easily and gave us some amazing shots in a very short period of time.

    Breakdown of the looks we created:

    Vashtie Doorga

    Look 1Business Women: Our first look with Vashite Doorga was very simple, as we wanted to capture her a strong business women showcasing her natural beauty and leaving her hair down and with lots of volume and have the ends flipped in. With her make up we wanted to make her skin very dewy and give her a JLO glow to accent the glow she gave her a neural eye with a light brown on the lid and a darker brown in the creases to make her eyes pop along with a think liner and a touch of mascara. For her wardrobe we put her in a very elegant black dress that went to her knees, something that any women can wear in the office on a daily basis and we thew in some black pumps and pearls to finish the look. Walking into an office dressed like this Vashtie would wow everyone with her poise and fashion sense.





    Vashtie Doorga Indian Bridal

    Look 2Bollywood Actress: Vashtie Doorga has amazing featured so we wanted to play this up with a Bollywood look, because Bollywood is so overdone and exaggerated we felt she had the perfect personality and features to pull it off!!… So we gave her very dramatic make up, lots of pink purples and smoking it out with black and a fusion of purple and pink on the lip and rosy cheeks. We added some extensions in her hair to give her length and volume, as we know Bollywood is all about big hair. She also wore a stunning Pink Sari which was wrapped Northern style, to give her a very Goddess look.







    DJ VashtieDJ Rihana Vashtie

    Look 3 and 4Celebrity Sexy DJ Look-a-likes (Kim K, Rihanna and Marilyn Monroe): Vashtie is capable of pulling off amazing looks both infront of the camera and behind it. She is a radio host, for Baccanal radio and she Host a lot of major events so she is always behind the scenes or infront of them, either way she always looks hot. WE wanted to show that a female DJ can be anyone she wants to be, so we did two completely different styles with the same make up. WE did one where she would have long hair like Kim Kardasian and another look where she would have Rhianna hair, and she successfully pulled off both hair styles! In terms of make-up we gave her very Smokey eyes, and we felt that she had beautiful lips almost like Marilyn Monroe so we gave her a sexy red and to our surprise she looks liked a brown Marilyn Monroe.

    See more of this amazing women through her face-book page, and stay up to date with all of her amazing events and shows!!..

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    Amazing Photography by Fidelis Lobo Photography 

    We thank everyone who was a part of this Photo-shoot: Sharon Sarjoo, Neelam Saini, Darick Gangaram, Fidelis Lobo and of course the Guest Artist Vashtie Doorga.

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