THE DMG international model competition was created to give each and every girl a chance to compete for their dreams, regardless of their looks or experience, as an attempt to change the “model” image that is created through today’s media and print. Inspired by Dove’s campaign for “Real Beauty” and “Real Women”, this competition was created because there are not many opportunities for REAL girls to experience anything to this caliber. DMG Designz is offering its first place winner a $500.00 cash prize, a professional photo-shoot with multiple photographers, a wardrobe stylist, hair, makeup and a professional supermodel on site to help you through the whole process. What makes it even more unique? The winners are not chosen based on their appearances. We believe every woman can be a model if she allows her inner beauty and confidence to shine through. This competition is about believing in yourself and helping communities come together to believe in one another.

    This will be DMG Designz 3rd online competition. The first was held on the DMG page with over 30 contestants and the second was with Rid Mamun with over 60 contestants.

    This year, each contestant will be asked a question and their answer is what will be published online as their “photo”. Included with this “photo” would be the logo of their sponsor(s) and their chosen charity with a link to both their websites. There will be no judging based on how someone looks – We want to show the world that anyone can model; any girl can live her dream if she works hard enough! Contestants hold the key to their own success in this competition and the outcome will be based on the determination of each girl.

    Each girl will be asked to represent a charity that they strongly feel connected to, believe in and one that would not have the opportunity to be noticed otherwise. No contestants will be raising money for a large charity, only smaller scale charities will be approved that do not have a larger overhead for marketing (i.e orphanages, wellness centers, cancer rehab centers, women’s shelters, foster homes, etc). These are the charities in our own communities that are often overlooked and remain unassisted because rather than putting finances available towards  helping the people that need it most, it is used to  advertise to get more. These are the charities not receiving the funding needed to carry out their day-to-day missions. We want to shed some light on these charities and give an opportunity to shine, grow and be recognized.

    DMG Designz wants to strengthen humanity, inspire people to support, help one another in their communities and interact again in a time where social media has taken over lives. We want to inspire balance.                     In order to obtain votes: our contestants will have to:
    – network with different organizations within their community.
    – educate the community on what they are doing and why it’s important to them.
    – develop a following to get likes on their “photo”.
    – raise money for the charity of their choice.

    DMG Designz will not be selecting our winner; winners will be determined by the amount of votes each girl receives on-line.

    We want to show everyone that dreams can come true if you work hard enough, it’s not just about the way you look and we want to help give smaller charities a chance to be noticed in society. Weather a contestant finishes first place or not, there are no losers. We’re giving each girl the opportunity to still make a change in society. All of the girls will be creating awareness for their charity throughout this competition and raising money; at the end of this competition each contestant will personally be presenting the funds raised to their chosen charity as their contribution to being a good citizen.

    We live in a world with so much pain and selfishness… we want to do what we can to change this, bring light to our society by teaching and instilling great morals and values.