Application Process:

    Step One

    Choose a Charity (small organization, no large organizations will be excepted) then Visit www.dmgdesignz.com and go to the contact page, send us an email with your name and your charity and a registration form will be sent out to you!

    Step two:

    Raise the entry fee of $100

    This cost does not have to come from contestant pocket but can if she wishes. What we want is the contestant to prove she is serious about this competition. Ways to raise the money:

    1. She can get a store or company to sponsor the money: They will receive a tax credit for marketing and receive full promoted through the competition.
    2. Bake sale to raise the funds.
    3. Ask family members and friends to donate to the cause of making your dream come true.
    4. Craft sale, create different crafts and then sell them after.

    We want our contestants to work hard, network with others and educate everyone they meet on what they are doing and why. Generating awareness and developing a strong network of people that support you is what will determine your success when the online voting begins.

    Payment options: Certified check, Western union or Credit card – we ask that you make a copy of however you are completing your payment and submit it to us via email as well; Once your payment is received we will issue you an receipt along with your contest question.

    Step three:

    Complete the contest question and submit your answer before April 25. 2013. Keeping in mind that this competition is about bringing communities and families together to help achieve dreams, anyone may assist you to complete your answer (max 200 words)

    Step four:

    Create strong networks, talk to different community groups and get them involved. Educate family and different friends with a strong following, get them to be your team. Look at this like campaigning in an election: You need a support system, a strong team to cheer you on, promote you and let everyone know about the competition before it starts. Voting is open to everyone but it’s up to you to get the viewers

    The competition will start on May 10th 2013 and closes on May 24th 2013. This allows contestants two weeks to collect as many votes as they can everything will be done on Facebook on the DMG Designz Like” Page.

    **please note we are not a modeling agency, DMG Designz is a company devoted to change and we want to give every girls the opportunity to live out their dreams.

    ***False or Fake FB profile have been detected in the past, and will not count as a vote, and is grounds for removal from the competition. WE want a fair and even game!

    ****Applications will be sent out every Monday starting March 25.